Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affrairs announced to stop issuing visas to tourist delegations from Vietnam?

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On 25/12, Taiwan  Tourism Bureau certified, a group of 153 Vietnamese people to travel to Taiwan fled 152 people after entering Taiwan on December 21 and December 23 at Kaohsiung Airport.

The Tourism Department announced that Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry stopped issuing visas to the Vietnamese delegation.

Taiwan started executing the Guan Hong project in 2015, residents of 6 countries including India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, and Laos can go through a travel agency designated by the Tourism Department. In order to apply for an Electronic- visa (E-visa) from Taiwan, just need 5 tourists to apply for a visa, the procedure is very simple, visitors do not need to prove financial ability. In the past, there were only a few cases of fleeing, 3 years of fleeing about 150 people, but this time up to 152 people fled 1 time.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 1 người, đang đứng


At the same time, Taiwan Tourism Bureau also announced to stop issuing visas to tourist delegations from Vietnam. So if you want to travel, you need to capture accurate and careful information without being deceived.

And so temporarily and the future you want to travel to Taiwan is really difficult, not simple at all.

However, after this information, many people are misunderstanding that the Taiwan Embassy will stop providing Taiwan tourist visas to all subjects and visa forms, causing confusion for everyone.

In fact, Taiwan Embassy only banned visa leniency for travel companies to organize tour groups, while tourist visas and Advanced Visa,  E-visas are still able to apply normally.
So, those who already have a Japanese, Korean, developed countries visa will still declare their E-visa and apply for a normal Taiwan visa as before. For those who have not gone to developed countries or have the same name on the blacklist, they can apply for a Taiwan visa as well. Of course, after this case, those who have weak records must be careful, because Taiwan Embassy is and will tighten it.

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