Zhangjiajie – Phoenix Ancient Town

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01/02/2019 (Tet holidays)
End date
05/02/2019 (Tet holidays)
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(Schedule: 4 Days – 3 Nights; Transport: Aircraft flying straight + Cars, passport use

The program is for those who want to go to the Phoenix Ancient Town but do not know the way, unknown about the attractions, nor know how to arrange the route properly, or simply have not found a companion. Reward yourself a tour of  Phoenix Ancient Town 04 days 03 nights – the simplest, safest and most economical way to have a fun trip!

🔻 DAY 01: HANOI –  ZHANGJIAJIE (Dinner excluded)

Morning: 14h00 ‘: Car and tour guide pick you up at the meeting place to bring to the airport for procedures to take flight to Zhangjiajie at 17h45 – 21h15

Afternoon: Go to Zhangjiajie, the local tour guide and the car to take the hotel room.
Overnight at hotel in Zhangjiajie.


🔻 DAY 02: ZHANGJIAJIE – TIANMEN MOUNTAIN (Eat: Morning – Noon – Evening)

Morning: In the morning, the delegation visited Tianmen Mountain – the most famous wonder of ZHANGJIAJIE – this place is also a place to perform many times through the Tianmen cave and international skydiving race (1 cable trip hang + 1 trip to the car to experience 99 breathtaking curves) with the driver of the talented drivers. Tianmen Mountain is located in the Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, in northwestern Hunan Province, China. This mountain is famous for its heavenly path and the cable car system in Tianmen  is declared in the tourism publications as “the longest cable car at the highest mountain in the world” with 98 cable car cabins and the total length is over 7,400 meters, the height of the upper station of the cable car is 1,279 meters (including public vehicles and 1 turn of cable cars going up or down according to the arrangement of the management board). From the cable car, you can see the panorama of the town and the magnificent mountain scenery, the view of the road is considered the most dangerous race in the world with 99 spectacular bends.

+ When reaching the top of Thien Mon Son, you will follow the path around the peaks, cross from mountain to mountain. Visit Dao Kinh Hotel (the glass-lined road on the cliff). On one side is the mountain, one side is cloudy, sometimes there are more lucky talismans with bright red colors that will make you feel lost as lost in the first place, like walking on 9 clouds of heaven.

+ After that, you experience the massive escalator system in the mountain to reach Heaven Gate – the place where interference between heaven and earth.


Afternoon: Delegation to the hotel to get a rest. Arriving in another quarter, you will visit the famous Chinese Oriental medicine restaurant, with a team of experienced doctors and doctors to take free medical examination or you can choose to enjoy one hour with drug water.

Evening: After dinner, you are free to visit, shop or register to see a special art show “Shining the West”(expenses excluded).
Overnight at hotel in Wulingyuan.


🔻 DAY 03: ZHANGJIAJIE –  PHOENIX ANCIENT TOWN  (Eat: Noon / Noon / Evening)

Morning: You have breakfast at the hotel. You will be free to choose to visit Treasure Peak Lake (Cost excluded) – is a freshwater lake located in Wulingyuan scenic area near Zhangjiajie. You sit on a boat to visit the  Lake on the Mountain – as a form of singing Quan Ho Bac Ninh folk song … Drop a boat on Treasure Peak Lake, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the green mountain ranges on both sides and white waterfalls flow down from the mountainside.

After that, the delegation will visit gem store to learn about Gem culture of Chinese people.

Treasure Peak Lake


Afternoon: After lunch, drive to Phoenix Ancient town

In the afternoon, tour guide takes the delegation to visit Phoenix Ancient town, with Miao Miao floor,Bac Mon Ancient Citadel , Thuy Hong Kieu, and Ancient Citadel … (outside tour). You can freely choose give me a small boat to float and float along the river, to experience, to see the lives of people on both sides of the shore.

Phoenix Ancient town


Evening: In the evening, the group freely discovered the mysterious and shimmering beauty like Phong Hoa of Phoenix Ancient town at night.
Overnight at hotel in Phoenix.


 🔻 DAY 4: PHOENIX ANCIENT TOWN – ZHANGJIAJIE  – HANOI (Eat: Morning / Noon / Evening)

Morning: After breakfast, you will visit Phoenix ancient town. Freely to visit and explore Phoenix ancient town with local dishes, free to take pictures or sit and drink coffee, listen to lyrical songs, admire the old town along Da Giang river and feel the peaceful life. Here, you will feel like you’ve forgotten all your tiredness and left behind the hardships of life.

Afternoon: Have lunch at the hotel. Then go back to the car to . On the way back to Zhangjiajie, the group will visit Phu Dung Tran. Going to Furong town (Phu Dung Tran), walking on the street with blue stones will make it possible to find the unique features of this town, the streets, the stilt houses, and carved flowers when hidden in the dreamy scenery. Currently, under the sunset, houses in the rustic old town are scattered there. Upon arriving in Furong town, tourists will definitely have many new feelings, Khe Chau bronze pillar is nearly 4 meters high, including 8 sides, weighs 2 and a half tons, and engraved more than 2500 words recorded in the calendar. The history of the Tho Gia ethnic group in Tuong Tay ethnic culture and customs museum is the key object of the first-level national preservation by the State Council. Here, what visitors see firsthand is not only national literature, but more importantly, visitors will feel the ancient national culture of Tho Gia.

Furong town


Evening: Dinner at the restaurant. If you have time, you can visit the walking and dining streets before going to the airport to take flight VJ7867 (21: 15-00: 15) to Hanoi.
Arriving in Noi Bai, the bus picks up the group to take you to the meeting place in Hanoi.



Please check the number of seats before registering a tour with a counselor and register a tour at least 6 working days in advance. We only guarantee reservation within 24 hours. After 24 hours, the system will automatically cancel if you have not made a deposit.

Records include:

  • Photo scanned passport page 2 – 3 standard for visa making (neat, clear)
  • Scan 4 × 6 images (white background, open ears, open forehead, no glasses …)
  • Completed before 07 days of departure (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
  • Deposit 50% of total tour value


  • If there is a accompanying child, a birth certificate or a notarized copy of the birth certificate is required if not accompanied by a parent.
  • Pregnant women cannot participate in tours. If you do not notify the Company, any problems that arise will not be responsible.
  • The above funding applies to customers with Vietnamese nationality. Foreign passport holders, please check again.
  • The above program may change in time and schedule, but still ensure the above attractions.
  • Parts of the service that are not used without notice before registration will not be refunded.
  • The above program is a pure tourism program, if you have a need to combine work, please inform us clearly when you register for registration.
  • In the case of 01 tour participant in a force majeure situation that cannot join the room with the remaining members, please be free of charge for single room.
  • YESVISA is exempt from liability in case of natural disasters, earthquakes, droughts, demonstrations, epidemics, adjustment of railways, air routes … If these cases occur, YESVISA will consider to refund Unpaid costs for guests in possible conditions (after deducting the services rendered and not responsible for any additional costs).
  • The regulated fruits and vegetables are not allowed to enter China.
  • Luggage on board should be compact and all personal items with liquids such as shampoo, shower gel, perfume … no more than 100ml. Sharp metal utensils such as knives, scissors, dangerous fire and explosion materials … are not allowed to be carried on board.
  • Some attractions do not allow to bring lighters, if detected, may be confiscated
  • Due to the nature of the group of travelers, YESVISA is responsible for gathering enough delegations (30 or more adults) to depart on schedule. If the number of guests is from 10 to 14 guests, the group will depart with guides to see the airport and tour guides abroad. If the number is less than 10 guests YESVISA is responsible for informing you before 07 days of departure and informing you to leave to the new departure date.
  • The tour price may vary depending on the fluctuation of air ticket price, ticket price and other services required by customers.



  • Tour cancellation fee is based on time of tour cancellation compared to the expected departure date:
  • Cancel the program after registering, the deposit will lose 30% of the total value of the tour.
  • Canceling tour 10 – 15 days before departure will be fined 50% of the total contract value.
  • Cancellation of tour from 7 – 9 days before departure will be subject to 75% of the contract value.
  • Canceling tour 6 days before departure date will be fined 100% of the contract value.
  • For late arrivals, no tour refunds will be given.

This program is supported by shopping shopping attractions arranged by the travel company if you are not in the shopping area, please pay $ 80 / person (directly to the tour guide). We hope you will support the program to be successful.

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